“Reach back to a bygone era of quiet beauty ..”

Consider donating to the reconstruction project and ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy and share a piece of history.

Mindful that a project of this scope can have a big effect on the Park, it will be accomplished in stages that will cover several years.  Our fundraising effort will follow along the course providing the monies needed to complete each stage.  You can help by donating to the cause with whatever you can offer. 

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Check back to this page often.  We will be announcing a variety of fundraising efforts such as silent auctions and walk-a-thons, all of which will be a fun way to participate in the fundraising effort.


One of the meadows on a splendid fall day

Road leading to the
Three Arch Bridge is lined with rhododendron

Fruit trees and
azaleas in bloom



Updated 10/12/15

With the upcoming approval of a DCR 2:1 matching grant, MSPA expects the draining and dredging of the pond to begin late this fall.  The unknown is the existing condition of the dam although inspections suggest that it should be ok.  The fund raising from this point on will determine how much of the pond can actually be dredged.   While the pond is empty, pointing and some rebuilding will occur on the three-arch bridge.  And finally, we will add landscaping both to replace fallen and diseased trees and shrubs and to create a passive recreation place on  the banks of the pond.



Probably one of the most recognized and most photographed spots in the Park, the Bridge is sadly in need of repair and restoration.  Before this can be accomplished, the pond must be drained and dredged and the missing stonework retrieved and cleaned.

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The Flowering Reflection Pond

You can't tell by looking at it now, but it originally had a white sand bottom and was home to koi fish and turtles.  A few turtles remain, but the white sands and koi are gone.  The pond is choked with weeds and fallen trees, a sad reflection of it's former glory.